Space entrepreneurship : facing the next frontier / edited by the New York Times editorial staff
Book | New York Times Educational Publishing | 2019 | First edition.
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First edition.
223 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 215-218) and index.
A new frontier. New horizons beckon, inspiring vision if not certainty / John Schwartz -- New mission for American aerospace giants / Jack Duffy -- Discovery rekindles wish for a journey to the stars / Dennis Overbye -- Reality TV for the Red Planet / Nicola Clark -- In traveling to the stars, risk and cost / Jad Mouawad -- Stephen hawking joins Russian entrepreneur's search for alien life / Dennis Overbye -- Stratolaunch's gargantuan flying launchpad edges toward the skies / Nick Wingfield and Kenneth Chang -- Elon Musk's plan : get human to Mars, and beyond / Kenneth Chang -- Elon Musk's Mars vision : a one-size-fits-all rocket. A very big one. / Adam Baidawi and Kenneth Chang -- If no one owns the moon, can anyone make money up there? / Kenneth Chang -- At Mars, Jeff Bezos hosted roboticists, astronauts, other brainiacs and me / Jack Nicas -- Space as big business. How to get to Mars (and make millions!) / John Tierney -- Thrillionaires : the new space capitalists / John Schwartz -- In new space race, enter the entrepreneurs / Kenneth Chang -- NASA awards $269 million for private projects / Kenneth Chang -- Private sector edges deeper in space / Kenneth Chang -- Start-up sees a gold rush among the stars / RK Johnson -- Big day for a space entrepreneur promising more / Kenneth Chang -- A business plan for space / Kenneth Chang -- Jeff Bezos lifts veil on his rocket company, Blue Origin / Kenneth Chang -- Space's trash collector ? A Japanese entrepreneur wants the job / Martin Fackler -- SpaceX is now one of the world's most valuable privately held companies / Katie Benner and Kenneth Chang -- Finalists in NASA's spacecraft sweepstakes : a drone on Titan, and a comet-chaser / Kenneth Chang -- Space tourists. Take me to your designer / Eric Wilson -- Entrepreneur unveils new tourist spacecraft / John Schwartz -- A new exit to space readies for business / Dan Barry -- KLM to offer a new perk for frequent fliers : outer space / Nicola Clark -- Space tourism may mean one giant leap for researchers / Kenneth Chang -- Balloon ride to offer expansive view, for a price / Kenneth Chang -- A very high-flying Scotsman / Kenneth Chang -- Meet New Glenn, the Blue Origin rocket that may someday take you to space / Daniel Victor -- SpaceX plans to send 2 tourists around moon in 2018 / Kenneth Chang -- Recycled rockets could drop costs, speed space travel / Kenneth Chang -- Successes and failures. Private rocket ship earns $10 million in new space race / John Schwartz -- Virgin Galactic unveils commercial spaceship / Andrew Ross Sorkin -- Race to the moon heats up for private firms / Kenneth Chang -- A desert town on the way up ... to space / Kenneth Chang -- First private craft docks with Space Station / Kenneth Chang -- Branson offers a service to launch small satellites / Nicola Clark -- Google and fidelity put $1 billion into SpaceX / Quentin Hardy and Conor Dougherty -- The Silicon Valley of space start-ups? It could be Seattle / Nick Wingfield -- Florida company gets approval to put robotic lander on moon / Kenneth Chang -- SpaceX rocket explodes at launchpad in Cape Canaveral / Kenneth Chang, Mike Isaac and Matt Richtel -- For 5 contest finalists, a $20 million dash to the moon / Kenneth Chang -- Falcon heavy, in a roar of thunder, carries SpaceX's ambition into orbit / Kenneth Chang -- Cellphones on the moon? Not so fast / Niraj Chokshi.
"Space flight used to be something that only governments participated in, often in conjunction with military defense. However, today space is a new, wide-open frontier for entrepreneurs and corporations to develop and implement new kinds of space travel and habitats. What was once done just for exploration and advancing science is now a competition for companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, who seek to develop products that not only bring humans into space and allow them to live there, but also generate profits for the entrepreneurs who create them. These articles explore this phenomenon, including its advances and setbacks."
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