Disruptive innovation : Uber, Airbnb and other companies reshaping the market / edited by The New York Times editorial staff
Book | New York Times Educational Publishing | 2019 | First edition.
Available at WCTC Social Issues Collection (HB615 D577 2019)

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First edition.
221 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 215-218) and index.
In 1995, the term "disruptive innovation" was coined to describe innovations that disrupt and threaten existing markets and consumer habits. Since then, we've played witness to how new companies have altered, and threatened, key industries such as hospitality and the taxi industry. These articles explore the growth of two of the most prominent "disruptive" tech companies, Uber and Airbnb, and how competitors and regulators have responded to the changing tides.
The sharing economy. Europe with hotels / Benji Lanyado -- The smartphone way to beckon a car / Joshua Brustein / Companies built on sharing balk when it comes to regulators / David Streitfeld -- Businesses turn to Airbnb / Matt Krupnick -- In an Uber world, fortune favors the freelancer / Tyler Cowen -- What Uber can learn from Airbnb's global expansion / Mark Scott -- Airbnb and Uber mobilize vast user base to sway policy / Conor Dougherty and Mike Isaac -- Airbnb pledges to work with cities and pay 'fair share' of taxes / Mike Isaacs -- What the sharing economy really delivers : entitlement / Ginia Bellafante -- The whatchamacallit economy / Steven Greenhouse -- Transportation. When will electric cars go mainstream? It may be sooner than you think / Brad Plumer -- Self-driving cars might need standards, but whose? / John R. Quain -- Uber strikes deal with Volvo to bring self-driving cars to its network / Mike Isaac -- Self-driving Uber car kills pedestrian in Arizona, where robots roam / Daisuke Wakabayashi -- Uber's self-driving trucks hit the highway, but not local roads / Daisuke Wakabayashi -- Full tilt : when 100% of cars are autonomous / The New York Times -- Richard Branson's Virgin and Hyperloop One transit pods become fast friends / Jacey Fortin -- Why even the hyperloop probably wouldn't change your commute time / Emily Badger -- Falcon Heavy, in a roar of thunder, carries SpaceX's ambition into orbit / Kenneth Chang -- Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Speed bumps on the road to virtual cash / Noam Cohen -- Bubble or no, this virtual currency is a lot of coin in any realm / Noam Cohen -- What is Bitcoin, and how does it work? / Nathaniel Popper -- Grandpa had a pension. This generation has cryptocurrency / Teddy Wayne -- Should the Fed create 'Fedcoin' to rival bitcoin? A former top official says 'maybe' / Neil Irwin -- Kodak's dubious cryptocurrency gamble / Kevin Roose -- Solar experiment lets neighbors trade energy among themselves / Diane Cardwell -- A former top Wall Street regulator turns to the blockchain / Nathaniel Popper -- A blockchain building in Bushwick / Stuart Miller -- Blockchain will be theirs, Russian spy boasted a conference / Nathaniel Popper -- Editing DNA. A powerful new way to edit DNA / Andrew Pollack -- Jennifer Doudna, a pioneer who helped simplify genome editing / Andrew Pollack -- Gene drives offer new hope against diseases and crop pests / Nicholas Wade -- Scientists find form of crispr gene editing with new capabilities / Carl Zimmer In breakthrough, scientists edit a dangerous mutation from genes in human embryos / Pam Belluck -- Smart homes and the internet of things. Thinking of rigging your home with smart devices? Start here / Damon Darlin -- 3 gadgets you didn't know you needed, but are worth buying / Ann-Marie Alcántara -- Amazon buys Ring, maker of smart home products / Nick Wingfield -- Is my not-so-smart house watching me? / Ronda Kaysen -- To invade homes, tech is trying to get in your kitchen / Brian X. Chen -- From Westworld to best world for the internet of things / Jonathan Zittrain -- Looking beyond the internet of things / Quentin Hardy.
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