The two-party system in the United States / Barbara Krasner
Book | Greenhaven Publishing | 2019 | First edition.
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First edition.
189 pages ; 23 cm
"To many, bipartisanship is a fundamental aspect of American democracy: it is designed to allow voters of differing political beliefs to find a political party that most closely conforms to their values. However, in a 2015 poll, 43 percent of Americans identified with neither party, preferring to be politically independent. Is the two-party system essential to American politics? What part does it play in our electoral and political systems? Growing concerns about political polarization and bipartisanship's role in it have also come to light. This volume explores the various perspectives about the future of American democracy"-- Provided by publisher.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Does the two-party system represent today's voters? Overview: The two-party system is the hallmark of American politics ; Two parties are all that are necessary for America / Lumen Learning ; Even former President Theodore Roosevelt couldn't win on a third-party ticket / Sidney M. Milkis ; America needs more voters, not more parties / Connor Allen ; Sixty percent of Americans want a new political party, says the Gallup Poll / Eric Zuesse ; Cracks in the two-party system reveal 8 distinct political groups / Domenico Montanaro ; Proportional representation can meet voters' needs / Douglas J. Amy -- Does the two-party system promote corruption? Overview: Usher in the era of good feelings / Independence Hall Association ; The 2016 presidential election : political process for the taking / Vince Montes ; Presidential candidates : must they lie? / David Greenberg ; Politicians admit that money talks / Jon Schwarz ; Congressional opposition thwarts realization of campaign promises / Jonathan Bernstein ; The electoral system is broken / Ericka Menchen-Trevino ; Voters have the power to fix the electoral system / Mark A. Lause -- Should there be a third political party in the United States? Overview: More than fifty third parties have their pros and cons / Kristina Nwazota ; The number of Americans who don't affiliate with Democrats or Republicans continues to grow / Pew Research Center ; The days of winner-take-all may be numbered / Kristin Eberhard ; It's time for a new political system / Danielle Wicklund ; The two-party system is unbreakable / Tom Murse ; Our system encourages large political parties / Steven L. Taylor ; Americans want to choose candidate and party as a single package / Russell D. Renka -- Do special interest groups help the two-party system? Overview: Interest groups organize to influence / Annenberg Foundation ; Special interest groups reflect the democratic process / Alexandra Raphel ; Interest groups open paths for political participation / Lumen Learning ; Economic elites and organized groups influence US public policy / Martin Maximino ; Big business gains more than influence from lobbying / Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele -- Organizations to contact.
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Krasner, Barbara, editor.
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