Taking sides. Clashing views in gender / [selected, edited, and with issue framing material by] Elizabeth Schroeder
Book | McGraw-Hill Education Create | 2019 | Ninth edition.
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Ninth edition.
iv, 278 pages ; 28 cm
Taking sides
Taking sides.
Includes bibliographical references.
Unit 1. Gender and education. -- Should there be single-sex classrooms or schools? -- Can traditionally all-girls' schools accept transgender students and still retain their identities as all-girls schools? -- Does a boy crisis exist?
Unit 2. He said, she said, they said: gender equity and equality. -- Is the wage gap between women and men due to sexism -- Has gender equality come a long way? -- Should transgender athletes be allowed to compete in professional sports? -- Should male and female athletes be paid equally.
Unit 3. Parental presence, parental choices. Are fathers necessary for children's well-being? -- Should parents be able to choose their baby's sex? -- Should partners of deceased men be allowed to use their sperm without their consent -- Should men have a say in whether their partner has an abortion? -- Are children who are raised by a lesbian or gay couple worse off than those raised by different-sex parents? -- Should a pregnant woman be punished by exposing her fetus to risk? -- Should transgender children be allowed to transition?
Unit 4. Gender in the world around us. -- Should public restrooms be gender-neutral? -- Is gender identity biological? -- Should only transgender actors be allowed to play transgender characters? -- Can a woman with conservative political views be a feminist? -- Are there "male" and "female" brains? -- Should women be ordained as Catholic priests? -- Should children's toys be gender-neutral? -- Should the United States ratify the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women?
"The ninth edition of Taking Sides: Clashing views in Gender contains 40 dynamic points of view, separated into 20 challenging, often contentious questions. There is also an "Is there common ground?" section at the end of each issue, which explores whether there is room for compromise on some or all of these controversial topics." -- from preface.
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Schroeder, Elizabeth, editor
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Clashing views in gender
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