Taking sides : Clashing views on legal issues / M. Ethan Katsh
Book | McGraw-Hill Education | 2018 | Eighteenth edition.
Available at WCTC Social Issues Collection (KF384.A2 K38 2018)

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Eighteenth edition.
iv, 334 pages ; 28 cm
Includes bibliographical references.
Unit 1: Law and Terrorism -- Issue: Should U.S. Citizens Who Are Declared to Be "Enemy Combatants" Be Able to Contest Their Detention before a Judge? -- Issue: Does the President Possess Constitutional Authority to Order Wiretaps on U.S. Citizens? Unit 2: Law and the Individual -- Issue: Is It Unconstitutional for a State to Require Physicians Who Perform Abortions to Have Admitting Privileges at a Nearby Hospital and for Abortion Clinics to Have Facilities Comparable to an Ambulatory Surgical Center? -- Issue: Are Violent Video Games Protected by the First Amendment? -- Issue: Can States Ban Physician Aid-in-Dying for Terminally Ill Patients? -- Issue: Does the Sharing of Music Files Through the Internet Violate Copyright Laws? -- Issue: Is the Eighth Amendment Protection Violated If Prisoners Are Deprived of Basic Sustenance?
Unit 3: Law and the State -- Issue: Does the Constitution's Commerce Clause Allow Congress to Require Uninsured Individuals to Buy Health Insurance? -- Issue: Is It Constitutional to Open a Town Meeting with a Prayer? -- Issue: Is a Strip Search of Middle School Students That Is Aimed at Finding Drugs Prohibited Under the Fourth Amendment? -- Issue: Is a Dog Sniffing for Drugs Outside a Home a Search Prohibited by the Fourth Amendment? -- Issue: Does the "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" Clause of the Eighth Amendment Bar the Imposition of the Death Penalty on Juveniles? -- Issue: Does the Definition of "Sex" in Title IX Include Gender Identity and Allow Transgender Students to Use the Restrooms That Align with Their Gender Identities and Not Their Biological Sex? -- Issue: Does a Facebook Poster Need More Than "General Intent" for a Post to Be Considered a "True Threat" Under Criminal Law? Unit 4: Law and the Community -- Issue: Is There a Constitutional Right to Possess a Firearm for Private Use? -- Issue: Are Blanket Prohibitions on Cross Burnings Unconstitutional? -- Issue: Does the Fourth Amendment Prohibit the Police from Collecting a DNA Sample from a Person Arrested, but Not Yet Convicted on Felony Charges? -- Issue: Is Same-sex Marriage Protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? -- Issue: Are Race-conscious Public University Admissions Policies Permitted Under the Fourteenth Amendment? -- Issue: Is It Unconstitutional for States to Imprison Undocumented Immigrants?
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Clashing views on legal issues
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